by amuse-bouche

The five tracks on Très are culled from two recording sessions from the summer of 2017. In essence, this is a live album. Each track is a first/only take — spontaneous stream of consciousness improvisations between three players who know each other well. Even so, the music often comes across as premeditated. Each track is structured according to its own unique logic and flow. Each piece abides by its own set of rules which the musicians have made up and silently agreed upon as the performance unfolds. And yet while each piece demonstrates its own self-contained style, each also sounds distinctively (both individually and as a collective) like amuse-bouche. There’s a certain immediacy and urgency of expression that can only be achieved through spontaneous improvisation, by three voices engaging in egoless dialogue, pursuant of a single musical goal. This is music that elides sonic boundaries, that walks the subtle line between ambience and melodicism, and that boldly marks a new stage in amuse-bouche’s evolution as a live band.

All track written and performed by Michael Simonelli, Andrew Atkin, and Jason Oberholtzer.
Produced: amuse-bouche
Engineered: Atkin and Simonelli
Mixed: Simonelli (except "Too Many Buckets"/Atkin)
Mastered: Simonelli
Cover Art: Adam Bosse