amuse-bouche live sets capture spontaneous, stream of consciousness improvisations between musicians with over a decade of experience working together. Despite a largely improvised approach, the music often comes across as premeditated, wading between moments of ambience and melodicism. Each member of the trio (Michael Simonelli, Jason Oberholtzer, and Andrew Atkin) is a proficient multi-instrumentalist and so a live performance will often involve the band switching instruments between sets or even songs.

amuse-bouche are equally comfortable performing as a more traditional trio (grand piano, guitar, drums) as they are playing a blisteringly loud set full of noises, synthesizers and effects pedals. And so the group can sound as though it belongs performing amidst a gallery collection of Lewitt or a hall of Richard Serra sculptures, while at other times sounding fit for rock venues, churches, or even living rooms. amuse-bouche has released 4 collections of music both composed and improvised, available through their website

Embeddable Sounds (Link to BandCamp Page)