Split Piece

amuse-bouche's third album, Split Piece marks the first collaboration solely between members Andrew Atkin and Michael Simonelli, tracked over the course of a weekend. Short stream of consciousness performances form a wild and noir-ish narrative. The album combines the immediacy of jazz and improvised music, the logic and structural coherency of modern compositional idioms, and the textures of pop and rock music. The result is a one–of–a–kind experience with production and instrumentation sharing space and telling a complex story

All pieces written and arranged by: Andrew Atkin & Michael Simonelli, except "Stranger Danger" by Michael C. Simonelli
Produced: Atkin & Simonelli
Engineered: Atkin & Simonelli
Mixed: Atkin & Simonelli
Mastered: Mark Allen Miller
Cover Art: Michael Simonelli